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Originally Posted by paulsonj72 View Post
When did the NFHS go from Five team fouls to Seven Team fouls to shoot the 1-and-1. I have the Handbook with Rule History so I know when the double bonus came about. Was that the same year. Thank you
I can answer this with absolute certainty (at least for Ohio, and I don't think this was a case of Ohio being allowed an "experimental change"). I was in 7th grade when this change was made. I was sitting on the bench next to the coach when the other team made their 5th foul. I told him we should be shooting and he ignored me. Nobody bothered to tell us lowly 7th graders that they had changed the rule. This would have been November 1990.

A couple years later, they changed it again to the current rule where you shoot two on the 10th foul. But, I can't pinpoint that with as much certainty.
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