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Originally Posted by MagiCat View Post
USA Hockey question for a High School game:

Team A is up 5-3 with 4:30 left in the third period.

With 4:30 left in the 3rd period, 2 separate players on Team A get 5 minute major penalties and game misconducts. Both players were sent to their dressing rooms. Question number one is whether the teams need to put 2 other players in the penalty box under rule 404? Also, does this answer depends on whether the game can end up in a tie, have an immediate shootout if a tie, or have a 5 minute OT and then a shootout?

Continuing on, with 1:30 left in the 3rd period and the score still 5-3, a player from team A gets a minor penalty for tripping in their offensive zone. Given that the 2 major penalties are still on the board, this means that the clock on the minor penalty never actually has a chance to even start. Is there any other ramification to Team A besides their player being in the penalty box? Again, does this change based on whether the game can end in a tie, OT, or shootout? If there is no other consequence, it would seem that Team A could use this to their advantage by hooking, holding, or tripping someone every time that team B got possession the puck (kindof the way an NBA team will foul someone towards the end of the game if they have a foul to give without free throws.)

Lastly, assume that Team B scores 2 goals to tie the game and the game goes to a direct shootout (and assuming that rule 404 mandated 2 extra players go to the penalty box for the majors.) Would those 2 players be eligible for the shootout since they're serving someone else's penalty?

The first two parts actually happened in a game, the last part is just me imagining what could potentially have happened.
I am not a hockey official, but my understanding of the rules is that if there is the possibility the game will extend beyond the "end of regulation", then there shall be a player in the penalty box for each penalizes player who has been disqualified from the contest prior to the end of the contest. I am assuming the 5 minute major also comes with a game misconduct (ejection).

This means that as long as the game could continue, a player must be in the box for the players who were penalized. I would think that if the game went into an OT period, or a shootout, the players must be in the box to serve the penalty. I would say no, they would not be eligible to compete in the shootout if they are in the penalty box.

As for the part about the additional penalties. My understanding of the rules is that the clock can't start on the minor penalties until the majors have concluded. So in theory yes, the team could keep committing penalties whenever the opposing team has the puck and the only penalty would be the player going to the box. I would also look in the book to see if there is anything regarding unsportsmanlike acts for repeated penalties in a situation like this. Some sports have conduct related rules which prohibit this type action.
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