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Manny, The same scenario you post from NCAA was on the 2016 USA/ASA Softball exam and the correct answer was that it was 1 base because it had not been possessed after the pitch. So I agree with you (Manny) on the ball to the outfield, it should still be considered a deflected batted ball. Ruling that a kick of a batted ball is treated like a thrown ball is inconsistent with this 2016 test question.

With no outs and R1 on 3B, R2 on 2B and B3 at bat, F1 throws a wild pitch that gets away from F2 and stops a few feet from
the dugout entrance. As F2 is going to retrieve the ball she accidentally kicks the ball sending it into dead ball territory
inside the dugout.
a. Umpire should let play continue allowing F2 to retrieve the ball and attempt to make a play on the runners.
b. Umpire signals and verbalizes “Dead ball” and awards both runners home since the ball was kicked into dead ball
territory making it a two base award.
c. Umpire signals and verbalizes “Dead ball” and sends both runners back to the base they legally occupied at the time of
the pitch.
(d.) Umpire signals and verbalizes “Dead ball” and awards R1 home and R2 3B since the ball is still considered to be a
pitched ball.
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