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Originally posted by Back In The Saddle
You only need to communicate about things don't want to have trouble with! IMO a referee can get all the calls and no calls right, know the rules inside and out, and work the mechanics flawlessly, but still won't be a great referee until he or she has learned the art of communicating.

And it is an art. Case in point: held a captains meeting this week with both coaches and captains. I said to everybody, "You've already played one game this season, so everybody knows the new rules, right? Especially the new free throw rule about the number of players on the lane?" Everybody nods and mutters yes. First free throw, player from team B lines up in the top spot. I tell him the top spots have to remain open. He gives me a blank stare, B coach yells, "What are you talking about?" So I hustle over and give the coach the 10 second overview of what he said he already understood in the captains meeting. Getting the communication right might just be the hardest part of our job.

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Great point! during my 2nd night, I finally had a parnter...well experienced. he began enforcing the new lane rule you just mentioned. honestly, i didnt know about it myself. but found out once he communicated that to me. Lessons on the Battlefield
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