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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Used to be in 3-Person too. The Center used to administer the first of multiple FTs. It was that way for the first few years of my career, then they made the lead administer everything.

So the NBA mechanic on free throws is a holdover from how 3-person mechanics used to be? Perhaps NBA just borrowed free throw mechanics from the old high school and college 3-person mechanics, since they didn't have their own 3-person mechanics until the 1988-89 season, aside from a 1-season experiment in 1978-79.

In that case, it might make sense why thr language in the manual is as it is. The manual seems to reflect more modern officiating practices. However, one of the more recent supervisors must have changed the free throw practices back, without editing the mechanics manual to reflect the new (old) changes.

Ed Rush said that the NBA "wanted the Slot to control the lane". Was that also the reasoning under old HS and college 3-person mechanics to having the Center administer the 1st free throw?
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