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Working Opposite In Ancient Times ...

Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
If we had to be on the other side of the court, for a TI, perhaps, the mechanic was for the T to swing back over to the left side when he/she could, and then the L would rotate in tandem.
Again, LRZ is correct.

We called this "working opposite". The trail dictated how long we would work opposite.

Different officials had different tolerances for how long they could work opposite. Some guys didn't mind it and we could go up and down the court a few times working opposite. Others, as the trail, swung around to working Cadillac position as soon as they could after the throwin, so fast it would make your head spin, even if it meant not covering the action from the best position.

Decades later, to this day, I'm still more comfortable as the new lead running up the court looking over my left shoulder (Cadillac position) than as the new lead running up the court looking over my right shoulder (working opposite).

And if I'm diagramming primary coverage areas to a rookie, I will always start the diagram with the Cadillac position.

A few years ago, after reporting a shooting foul to the table, as I became the new trail after a switch, I went to the left of the free throw shooter rather than opposite the table which was to the right of the free throw shooter (my partner, as lead, simply moved across the lane).

I swear that it was more than just a brain fart, but something that came up unconsciously from deep within the dark recesses of my mind.

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