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Originally posted by Luv4Asian8
Senario (my first game ever...see First Game thread ) - I was told by management that since the court was a bit smaller than regulation, the backcourt would be at the volleyball line about 5-10 feet back from the actual division line. After Team A makes goal, B1 inbounds ball to B2. B2 dribbles passed (volleyball) "backcourt" and is now in the "gray" area between v-ball line and div line. B2 passes back to B1 which is still in "backcourt." I call the violation and get the drill of "we didn't know that!"

I figured they would have known since I stopped my counts at the vball line instead of div.line all night. Do we need to explain ever nuance of rules to the players, or is like the law - "ignorance of the law is no excuse"?
Ha!! I'm not sure how to answer your question, but I'm beating Tony to the punch -- I hope!

...and mick! Cool! Must be the clean living paying off...

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