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Inadvertent Horn ...

Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
The horn sounded prematurely, thus I would treat it as an inadvertent horn.
The horn didn't sound prematurely, the clock started prematurely. The horn sounded exactly when it was supposed to, at 00:00.00 on the game clock.

I do understand your inadvertent horn situation, a situation we occasionally see when the horn sounds incorrectly during a live ball, clock running situation. If the players don't seem too distracted we will yell "play on", or "play ball". If the horn impacts the players we will sound our whistles and reset.

I'm not sure that this thread is the same situation.

1-14: … the audible timer’s signal shall indicate that time has expired.

5-6-2: Each quarter or extra period ends when the signal illuminates
or sounds indicating time has expired, as in 1-14.

There are exceptions to 5-6-2, but none of them are relevant to this situation.
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