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Originally Posted by bucky View Post
Not quite. I would not use the word "batting" but rather pushing. Indeed, it may not fit the definition of player control via holding/dribbling, however the player is indeed completely in control of the ball. Perhaps we are not envisioning the same action but the way I meant to describe it, the player is controlling the ball by pushing it along the floor. Now, this is certainly nothing that any of use will experience. If it were to happen, obviously the defense would immediately put a stop to it. Also, by pushing the ball along the floor and guiding it directly, this is not a loose ball as far as application, maybe by definition, but not actual action. The player is controlling the ball.

I am anxious to try it the next time I play some pick-up ball. The debate/argument that ensues will surely be great entertainment.
Your definition of player control is not the rules book definition. That is why you are having difficulty with what the call should be.
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