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Clock Start Error--Part IV (Part II, III and etc.)

Since the Holidays are over I thought I would start 2020 with a Play (this is the one for you NevadaRef) from one of the Facebook groups to which I belong. The Facebook group is call Basketball Officials Forum and one of its contributing members is John Adams, the Former NCAA Supervisor of Division I Men's Basketball Officials.

And as usual to my fellow long time members of the Forum, I apologize in advance the length of my comments, !

The person that posted the Video gave us some information regarding Play:

1) The Game Clock is to the left of the Backboard and out of view of the camera.

2) He does not tell us in what Period the game is nor does he tell us the score of the game.

3) He does not tell us what is the level of play but I am judging that it is a boys' H.S. freshmen level game.

4) He does tell us that is a Two-Person Officiating Crew.

5) He does tell us that Team Black (Team B) has been awarded a Stop Clocked Designated Throw-in on the End Line in its Front Court.

6) He does tell us how much Time is on the Game Clock but I am not going to tell you but I am sure that some of you will be able to tell which of the two Game Clock settings is the one in the Play.

Even though this game was played under NFHS Rules. This Play really deals with Game Awareness and I want Rulings based, not only upon NFHS Rules, but how it should be handled under NCAA Men's, NCAA Women's, NBA/WNBA, and FIBA Rules.


a) The Game Clock is set at 0:02.5 or

b) the Game Clock is set at 0:00.5.

What say you?

MTD, Sr.
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