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Originally Posted by rbruno View Post
What do you guys handle a bad partner.
Reaching into my area with bad calls. Bad foul calls in his.
Coaches moanin at me ... etc etc
I corrected a couple of calls in transition etc
What do you say to a coach questioning a a call that is clearly wrong ?
Did you have a pre-game with your partner(s) primary areas
How about at halftime ..did you bring up the bad calls you mention to him or them ?
What you deem bad calls may be different then what you partner(s) see
Coaches moaning at you ..simple tell “Head coach” ONLY.. to ask your partner also if a coach is asking”you” about a “BAD”call just Simply walk over to your BAD partner and have HIM go explain the WRONG CALL
I don’t understand why you have to explain all these BAD situations your partner did or had to coaches
May I also add you may be with a newbie OR inexperience offical you didn’t specify to this ..before all the NBA refs come out ..what I mean is newbie or just inconsistent”bad offical “ is what I’d rather use ,it is what it is does leave the bad taste happens to us ALL ! If the offical was new then the more experienced may want to give advise if he isn’t and just head strong Block him and move on you’re obviously asking because it happened and it’s after the fact.
And you know I may be totally wrong and not know diddy
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