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Originally Posted by rbruno View Post
What do you guys handle a bad partner.

Reaching into my area with bad calls. Bad foul calls in his.
Coaches moanin at me ... etc etc
Nothing. And donít worry, the coach knows who the worse official is when the disparity in quality is that large.

Originally Posted by rbruno View Post
I corrected a couple of calls in transition etc
Not sure what you mean by this. Overturning foul calls? Thatís a slippery slope. I know itís tempting but 99% of the time you have to let the dude sink or swim on his own. If a halftime talk doesnít work, let him lie in the bed he makes.

Originally Posted by rbruno View Post
What do you say to a coach questioning a a call that is clearly wrong ?
ĒCoach, you can ask him the next time he runs by.Ē

Other things that come to mind:
1. Donít whine to the assignor after the game, or ask not to work with him/her again. Guys like these always either improve or filter themselves out with time.
2. Recognize guys like these are rare at the varsity level (which I assume you aspire to) and working in a 3-p crew tends to subdue the few that might manage to fly above their station.
3. If heís one of those guys whoís conceited enough to give feedback to you, pretend like you care, maybe politely counter on one or two points, try to change the subject (ďso, what do you do for a living?Ē), and then discard the advice like trash to the curb when you leave the gym. If I sound passionate about this, itís because this just happened to me on Thursday when I had the audacity to accept a MS holiday tourney game, then worked with a poser who didnít know Iíve been working varsity for eight years. I guess I should be flattered that I still look so young and naÔve. Anyway, I digress. This leads me to...
4. Youíll have games like this. A few times every season, actually. It is what it is. Take the high road and trust that evaluators know when ďitís not you.Ē

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