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Pre Timeout Request ...

Originally Posted by so cal lurker View Post
Can the coach pre-ask for that TO, or does he have to actually ask once his team has possession?
We've discussed this on the Forum in the past.

It is my belief that while a pre-request may get our attention to watch for the subsequent actual request, the coach actually has to follow through with an actual oral or visual request for a time-out.

5-8-3: Time-out occurs and the clock, if running, shall be stopped when an
official: Grants and signals a player’s/head coach’s oral or visual
request for a time-out, such request being granted only when:
a. The ball is at the disposal or in control of a player of his/her team.
b. The ball is dead, unless replacement of a disqualified, or injured
player(s), or a player directed to leave the game is pending, and a
substitute(s) is available and required.

My procedure: "Coach, you still have to request it. I'll be watching".

As usual, check your local listings.
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