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Originally Posted by WhistlesAndStripes View Post
About 7:20 remaining in the second half. Duke has the ball in transition and as everyone gets to the front court. There is a Trail and Center official on one side of the floor and the Lead is on the other side. C slides on down to the T position and T slides up to C.
The old Lead unnecessarily rotates when he should have just pinched the paint, and both the old Center and the old Trail miss the rotation. Then to fix it on the other end of the court the C slides down to the Lead and the Lead slides up to the Center. The old Lead/new Trail is oblivious to all of this. In a perfect world the Trail recognizes this coming up the court and adjusts to the opposite side of the court.

Originally Posted by WhistlesAndStripes View Post

Also, 6:14 remaining, Tray Young called for a flagrant 1 as he drives to the hoop on a fast break.

Crew calls an offensive foul on Young and then upgrades it to an F1. Young's elbow caught the defender in the jaw as he went to make his move to the basket. I don't think it should have been upgraded.
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