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I am an assigner for several sports and use Arbiter to assign my officials. Most, but not all the schools use ArbiterPay to pay the officials.

One of the first things that needs to be mentioned is the 1099's. One of the biggest issues with this is that all schools have ArbiterPay issue 1099's. This is an added service (for which Arbiter charges a fee) to the schools to use. Many schools have done this, but not all. When it comes to the end of the season it does make things a bit more complicated for me to account for the income.

The second thing, which is well mentioned in this thread, is the timing of payments. Some schools have the money in the Arbiter Acct before I've left. Some schools only process payments every Friday or twice a month. Other's forget to process payments and I need to hunt the payments down. (this is often the same as with a check though).

My biggest issue though is transferring money into a bank account. Each time I make a transfer (I normally do it 4 times per month) I need to say no I don't want them to make the transfer automatically (for a fee).

Overall I do like the system and having Arbiter and ArbiterPay linked makes it easier for me to know if an official has been paid for an event.
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