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Originally Posted by BigCat View Post
As to 71, off top of my head, I’d say 4-4-4 has been that way for long time. I’m thinking they just didn’t modify it when 3 point came into game? I agree that there is a difference as you mentioned. (And admit it didn’t cross my mind until you mentioned it and case play above..)
I’ll have to sift through my old books to determine the history of 4-4-4.
Meanwhile, here is another example of the difference in touching.

A3 attempts a try for goal from inside the FT lane just prior to the expiration of time in a quarter. The try is released before the horn sounds, but defender B4 legally deflects the try after the release and after the horn has sounded. The ball still enters the basket despite B4’s deflection.

NFHS 5.6.2 Sit A informs us that this is a good goal and is scored. However, replace B4’s touching with the ball striking the floor and 5.1.1 Sit B tells us that the ball became dead and that the try does not count.
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