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I am NOT a rules expert like many on this forum. I did have all four of these questions on my version of the test and scored a 98, so I got at least three out of four correct.

Question 59:
If a goaltending violation is penalized for touching the ball entering the basket from below:

b. No points are scored, regardless of the violating team.

I understood this question to mean that the ball passed through the basket from below, so there would be no points scored no matter who touched the ball. Rule 9-12-3 addresses this.

Question 65:
Correctable errors do not involve:
a. Judgment.
c.Setting aside a rule.
e. A and C only.

The definition of a correctable error in 2-10 does not include judgement or setting aside a rule.
CORRECTION: Setting aside a rule is part of the Correctable Error rule, so the correct answer is a. judgement

Question 71:
Don't see any problems there.

Question 72:
A bonus free throw:
c. Is never more than one additional attempt.
d. Is awarded only if the first free throw is successful.

The only logic I could come up with here is that c. is incorrect because you could award a second attempt if there was a defensive violation, but that is a stretch. Therefore, using my NFHS to Common English dictionary, I deduced that d. was the answer they were looking for.

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