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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
It is possible for the thrower to extend his arms through the boundary plane and over the inbounds area of the court prior to releasing the throw-in pass. A foul by the defender under such circumstances would result in an intentional personal foul, but not also a team warning for delay.

There was a case book play or interp a few seasons ago detailing this.
Yes, there was. And it an absolutely awful interpretation, second only to the backcourt interpretation that has now been corrected by an "exception" that essentially says the rule says what the rule has always said.

The interpretation regarding the throwin says that contacting the thrower is an intentional foul. It doesn't give the official room to judge the contact any more than whether it occurred or not.

I believe it is fundamentally flawed to call an intentional foul on a defender who is in a legal position and can legally contact the ball but merely makes contact with the thrower while attempting to do so.

The interpretation "should" be that it is an intentional only if you contact the thrower across the line and contact on the inbounds side of the line should be judge like any other type of foul.

Why? Because there is no reason to ever make contact with the thrower across the line and any such contact is fully unnecessary and should be intentional while contact inbounds should be expected and should be treated as nothing extraordinary.
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