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With the rule as written, I'm going to interpret "repeatedly" as being on the same throw-in.

In this case play there is no mention of a warning:

"A.R. 206. A1 is inbounding the ball along his endline. A1 fakes a pass to A2, which draws B2 airborne in an attempt to intercept the ball. B2 lands out of bounds. A1 releases the ball with a pass to A2, who is on the playing court; 1. B2 leaves the floor from out of bounds, breaks the boundary-line plane and while airborne, touches the pass to A2 after it crosses the boundaryline plane; or 2. B2, while out of bounds, touches the pass as it is released by A1 but before it crosses the boundary-line plane. RULING 1 and 2: B2 has committed an out-of-bounds violation because B2 was last in contact with the floor when he was out of bounds and then contacted the ball before B2 touches the floor inbounds. (Rule 9-4.2.b, 4-23 and 9-4.1) 2: B2 touched the ball before it crossed the vertical inside plane of the boundary line. This is not a technical foul because the ball was being passed to a player on the playing court and not to a teammate who was out of bounds such as after a successful goal. (Rule 9-4.3, 4-23 and 4-10.1)"

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In fact, B2 only gets penalized for touching the ball while having OOB status in these plays. With that I'm convinced that breaking the boundary plane is not one of the player delay warnings.
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