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With the rule as written, I'm going to interpret "repeatedly" as being on the same throw-in.

In this case play there is no mention of a warning:

"A.R. 206. A1 is inbounding the ball along his endline. A1 fakes a pass to A2, which draws B2 airborne in an attempt to intercept the ball. B2 lands out of bounds. A1 releases the ball with a pass to A2, who is on the playing court; 1. B2 leaves the floor from out of bounds, breaks the boundary-line plane and while airborne, touches the pass to A2 after it crosses the boundaryline plane; or 2. B2, while out of bounds, touches the pass as it is released by A1 but before it crosses the boundary-line plane. RULING 1 and 2: B2 has committed an out-of-bounds violation because B2 was last in contact with the floor when he was out of bounds and then contacted the ball before B2 touches the floor inbounds. (Rule 9-4.2.b, 4-23 and 9-4.1) 2: B2 touched the ball before it crossed the vertical inside plane of the boundary line. This is not a technical foul because the ball was being passed to a player on the playing court and not to a teammate who was out of bounds such as after a successful goal. (Rule 9-4.3, 4-23 and 4-10.1)"

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