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1:25 finish the batter

I stopped announcing "last batter" 2 years ago when a pitcher, who was hitting her spots all day, plugged the batter in the shoulder on the next pitch.

One time recently, we announced "that's game ladies, line em up", without announcing last batter, and the offense went berzerk, saying they'd have handled the running situation differently had they known.

This weekend, my base partner took it upon himself to announce "last batter", and BAM! next pitch right in the batter's hip. SONOFA...

Anyway, got me thinking, shouldn't be a problem notifying the Offense only. If they want to have their runners just keep going til they get put out, fine.

Question: Regarding the LBR, runner is allowed 1 stop after which they must return nonstop or advance nonstop. May they continue nonstop beyond that base onto the next, and next, and next (obviously they don't get another stop after each base)?

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