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Originally Posted by The_Rookie View Post
A few members in my association believe there were a mechanics change for 3 person high school under the following situations:

1) Lead Opposite table calls foul on offense and no free throws...No Switch?

2) Lead Table side calls foul on offense and no free throws..No Switch?

Are there any other mechanics changes for this season?

What state are you? Per standard NFHS mechanics, Lead opposite goes to C tableside and L tableside goes to L tableside at the other end of the court in the situations you describe. Per standard IAABO mechanics, Lead Opposite goes to Lead opposite on the other end of the court, and lead tableside goes to Center opposite.

The main mechanics change this season is that the stop-clock signal is required prior to signalling held balls. The IAABO manual also allows bouncing the ball up the line as Lead on throw-ins below the free throw line extended, and redefines pass-crash coverage to have C take the crash on pass-crash scenarios where the ball is passed to the strong side (the side with Lead and Trail), as well as explicitly defining coverage on plays with secondary defenders.

Note: Arizona, Ohio, and Louisiana switch opposite the table without using IAABO mechanics. Louisiana does not use long switches, at least not per the 3-person mechanics presentation available on the LHSAA website.
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