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Originally Posted by airraider View Post
Player #1 is at Middle Linebacker

His is called for targeting on this tackle. Do you think they should have ejected him?
I think this would be considered a targeting in college. The player is defenseless at this point because he is in the grasp of two defenders and his forward progress has been stopped, and the defensive player does appear to lower his helmet in the process of the hit and make contact with the crown of the helmet.

I can't say if in HS it would or would not be an ejection, because I am not familiar with the wording of the HS rule.

What I will say is that based on where the flag comes in from, I would have an argument from the DC that the official did not have a view to actually see the contact to the head or neck or if the contact was with the crown of the helmet.

I do think it is absolutely a personal foul because his momentum was stopped and it was well after that happened.
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