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Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
The NFHS Officials manual prescribes that, "Trail's home position is at or below the top of the three-point arc extended..." Then, he "may move down toward the end line to obtain a better angle on plays..." it seems apparent around here that being too low as Trail and Center or as Trail in 2 person is not the problem. Not remaining connected with the play or not stepping down on drives and shots from the field and being too high and detached it's more of a problem then what you are mentioning. Of course, like everything, this can be overdone. But the good thing is that if it is overdone, that presupposes that it at least is being done.
There is a good article in Referee magazine from earlier this year on this topic entitled "Walk This Way" which has reappeared in the preseason Referee magazine basketball prep publication. Exceptionally well written.
I read and enjoyed that article. If only everyone subscribed to that approach and used it for training.
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