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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
There is a strong push at the higher levels for officials to be sideline-oriented in the T position and get out of the old-school habit of going way out on the floor. (Why did that ever become a thing?)
Teams did not use to take as many 3s as they do now. So you were OK in that position, but now we have so many more 3 point shots, you must get underneath to see even the slightest arm contact. At least when I started officiating, most plays went to the post. Those days are over at least for right now.

Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
There are, of course, old-timers that push back against this, but the research from the NBA has shown call accuracy is better when we go underneath the play rather than over the top.

Without film there's no way for us to give an opinion on you specifically. My guess is you likely just had an old-school clinician who hasn't kept up with the evolution of officiating.
This is why I often do not subscribe to "mechanics books" as law. I think they are often suggestions and we should adjust to the game that we are officiating and the game that is being played. I am a high school clinician and I taught everyone to go underneath the entire summer and no one said a word to me about what I said. I am certainly not a "new school" guy either, but I am not stubborn about what we should do to get plays rights.

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