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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
Okay, so it seems like people are in agreement that the only real "change" is that technical fouls now allow Team A to retain the right to run the endline. The rest of the modification isn't really a "change."

This is an often overlooked difference from NFHS. NFHS only allows the offense to retain the privilege after a common foul. NCAA-M allows for it after all defensive personal fouls (and now, technical fouls by either team, as well).
Keep in mind Men's Rules has POI for all Ts except one situation (Dead ball contact). That clearly is was a whole in the rule or something that often never came up. I am OK with it overall. I just cannot think of a time when this even came up. But to someone it must have been noticed, so now the change.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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