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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
Aside from the addition of a technical foul to the situations where running the endline applies, the rest seems like they're just clarifying the intent. Before, it could have been interpreted to say that a player could run the endline after any foul that put the new throwin on the endline, even if that foul occurred after the throwin ended since the old rule didn't specify how long after a goal the rule was to be applied. Now, that potential interpretation is not possible.
That is the way I interpreted it as well when reading this here. This was not a change they talked about this summer, so I was unaware of any specific wording change in this part of the rule. But I am sure it will be addressed, but I tend to agree with your assessment of this change. I do not think we ever allowed them to run the endline after a T anyway.

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