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Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post
I am old school and it is one of the things that when I am evaluating an official I will pick like a scab if he/she is not using a lanyard. It looks professional. Nothing looks as goofy as an official trying to give his signals while trying to old a whistle in one hand.

I do not by the excuse that it slows one thought process down. Practice slowing your thought process down is what slows one's thought process down.

Why would one need an excuse? It's not like they are late to a game or missed an assignment. It's a personal preference. And if that is the method they use to slow down, then that is THEIR method. Folks show their age and/or inflexibility when they think their methods and thought processes are the only valid methods and thought processes. No one here can speak to the operation of someone else's mind.
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