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Originally Posted by Bad Zebra View Post
- Supposedly forces you to slow down and think before you blow
- It looks smooth and professional (according to those who go without)

- Spitting it across the floor while trying to learn, thus looking like a doofus.
- Figuring out what to do with it when reporting, thus looking like a doofus.

I don't aspire to work NBA games nor look like them. I think it's ridiculous to go without one. The lanyard is probably the most functional piece of equipment we use, right after the pea-less whistle. It's just one more thing to have to worry about getting right when there's already a half dozen other things to worry about. I've tried going without a couple times and found it incredibly frustrating. Life (and my officiating career) is too short to add this to the mix.
Well just like anything you learn how to do, it is not much of an issue for me when I have gone without it. I equate this to like playing a video game. I play games and do not think half the time about what button I am going to push to make a move. If they said not to use a lanyard tomorrow I could function easily.

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