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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
Was R2 clearly beaten to the base by the ball? If so, R2 is out, as a runner clearly beaten by the ball is not protected if they will clearly be out with or without OBS (NCAA

The "clearly beaten" exception is probably what the partner was referring to, when saying if the runner is dead-to-rights out, we don't call OBS in NCAA.

As I was reading through the discussion, I was wondering when someone would bring up the "clearly beaten" exception to the between-base protection in NCAA play. Yes, this is a case where the runner has no protection despite being obstructed because she was clearly beaten in the play.

As for other rule sets, the protection would allow the runner to be awarded third base here. No different than other scenarios where a runner is obstructed between bases where she's easily retired, such as when R1 is tripped by F3 as she's heading to second on a grounder to F4, and F4 throws to F6 at second for an easy force out. The fact that the runner wouldn't have made it safely if there was no obstruction has no bearing on the play (that's why I've never been a big fan of the between-base protection in NFHS and USA).

So what should F6 have done to avoid an obstruction call here under those other rule sets? Turn and tag the oncoming runner instead of tossing it to F5 for the force.
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