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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
This rule would have come in handy for me recently....

HS Playoff game, I'm PU.

Batter hits a ground ball to F6, fields and throws to first for the out. When the batter dropped the bat after the hit, I thought I heard something when it hit the ground. After the play, I picked up the bat, shook it and heard all kinds of rattling. I called the coach over, showed him the bat, shook it and asked him to put it away and not use it any longer.

Had this rule been in place, no issues. Since I didn't hear any rattling while the player was at bat, I didn't feel justified in applying the illegal bat penalty.
If I read correctly. you did exactly what the rule says, without needing it.
Although, the rule says " when the batter entered the batter’s box." in the comment, not in the rule itself. Hopefully the published rule book will not be ambiguous.
Officiating takes more than OJT.
It's not our jobs to invent rulings to fit our personal idea of what should and should not be.
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