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Originally Posted by Player989random View Post

Well, you got the option of buying at $59.95 or $47.95 for the shirts, plus S&H. $50.95 for the jacket. Same price as the old one, or maybe they updated it so I wouldn't feel like I was getting bent over that hard.

This pisses me off. I could get some mesh NCAA shirts for $30. And I'm betting my D3 assignor who just sent this out is gonna require us all to get them.
Got both versions of the shirts the other day. The Performance Mesh Shirt is your basic polyester material with no "mini-holes" like a jersey. There is a cuff on the sleeve that wraps around the bicep for a snug fit.

The Body Flex Shirt has the "mini-holes" but without the cuff and the end of the sleeve. While the material is more "stretchy" than the Performance Mesh shirt, it is not that noticeable when wearing it.

Both shirts have very wide black side panels. That being said, I probably prefer the Body Flex Shirt because I don't like how the cuff on the Performance Mesh shirt makes the sleeve ride up my arm.
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