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Illegal, Too Big ...

Originally Posted by packersowner View Post
When I read this change, I chuckled - a few years ago on this very forum, I was told I had bigger issues that I couldn’t see a number.

Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
It appears to be a "2."
Would you bet the farm that the player's number is not a twenty-one with a fold over the one?

Not just a few bucks, the whole farm, including the back forty, and the family cemetery behind the chicken coop.

Seems to be a very minor issue, mostly in girls games. I guess many girls like a "bloused" jersey, one size too big?

I make this mistake once or twice every year, always in girls games (where I also occasionally get a long ponytail hiding a back of jersey number).

Yeah, that's what we really need, NFHS rules that say that players must wear proper sized uniforms.

And no more long ponytails.

Yeah, that's exactly what we need.

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