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Tennis Anyone ???

Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
That is what I want, a game that is more player-centered than coach-centered. As an official, it is easier for me in a player-centered game, because I can focus more on playcalling than on having to talk to the coaches and policing their behavior.
Yes, coaches can be distracting, especially if you let them. No matter what level, no matter what rule set, if there's a coach involved, an official will have to deal with the coach.

Don't want to deal with a coach? Officiate tennis. Sit in the high chair at Wimbledon.

And what's wrong with coaches coaching kids? They're high school kids, not young adults. They need adult guidance. They need adult direction. They need adult supervision. That's how they learn. In algebra class. In physics class. In woodworking class. In drivers education. In marching band. And on the basketball court, or the football field, or the softball diamond. It's high school, kids are there to learn. It's not a low level, minor league, miniature, junior version of the NBA, or the WNBA.

Yes, there was a certain charm about playing playground basketball, baseball, football, and hockey back when I was a kid. No adults involved. No coaches. No officials. We "scheduled" the games, set up the fields, made our own teams, made our own rules, enforced those rules, learned how to play the sport, got hurt, had some fights, but eventually learned how to settle disagreements, and learned how cooperate with each other, and have fun.

Yes, there were valuable life lessons learned, but is this what we want our high school sports to look like?

Just toss the ball out onto the floor and say, "Have at it", like our substitute physical education teachers said in high school.

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