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This is a game played by kids that will never play another game beyond this level. We can add all the things it is not going to automatically make the game better. It is clear at this time the NF is not that interested in those kinds of rules if they keep being presented and even used as experiments and nothing like those rules have been added. I have seen many states take on rules and eventually it comes to the NF committee and they take them on as they did in football this year. I think the people that often want these rules tend to lack perspective as to what high school sports actually is. I have said before I would be fine if these rules came into place, but it does not mean there would not be issues. We are still arguing in areas for 2 or 3 person and we want rules that the other levels only use 3 officials. Just not very well thought out if you ask me to assume these changes would make the game better.

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