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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
Started my ASA/USA season in Nebraska tonight with a scrimmage. I brought a new umpire with me, and worked some 3 man with my regularly scheduled partner.

In a late inning, my newbie was at U1 and kicked the shit out of a routine play at 1B to end the inning. BR was safe by at least a step, but she called an out. No one said a word...I told the coach, "Hey, we both know she missed that. Go talk to her. Hell, yell at her if you want."

He did. She took it like a much more-seasoned umpire and told him "This is what I got: the ball beat the runner. It's an out" When he persisted with statements, she said "OK, coach. Do you have another question?" Coach did not. My newbie's eyes were the size of teacups.

On the ride home, I told my 13 y/o daughter that it was me who sent the coach across to talk to her. She said "I knew it!!! But I think I missed that one. What should I do if that happens again?" We talked about when to get help and when to just eat one, as it was not the only call she may have been the only one in the park with.

For the record, I would never do this with any other partner or new umpire, unless it was at an umpire camp.
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