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Originally Posted by parrot View Post
Does the ball have to be batted for an option to be given?

Game last night, opposing pitcher hits her leg with the pitch which goes squirting off towards the third base line. My runner on second comes to third. Umpire calls illegal pitch (not sure why) and also returns my runner to second base. I ask "Don't I get my choice of the illegal pitch penalty, or the result of the play?" He said no, since the ball wasn't batted, there was no other option. This seemed wrong to me.
Did he call it a dead ball immediately (incorrectly)? That is the only way I see not allowing the advancement of the runner.

I don't have the 2019 book handy, but from the 2016 book (and casebook 6-2-6 sit) indicate this isn't an illegal but it is a pitch way out of the strike zone.

The penalty states "A ball is awarded to the batter and the ball remains in play and runners may advance with liability to be put out." A defensive player may immediately retrieve the ball as long as the batter has no opportunity to contact the pitch."

I don't think this play has changed at all with the new rules for an illegal pitch.
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