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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
Sure it would have helped.

It will have the effect of changing the behavior the same way replay has changed the behavior for football officials in relation to fumbles.

In football, unless it is blatantly clear, they assume the player was NOT down and let the play run its course knowing they can go back and fix it on replay.

With BI/GT, the change in behavior will be to call it if it close and depend on review to get it right.
And if determined that the call was incorrect, the result will be an IW and resume play with the arrow. I'm surprised that the coaches are fine with that.

With regards to the F2, I'd be interested to learn what "language" falls under that rule. But, I don't think the moderators want that debate on here.

Giving coaches live-ball TO capability in the last 2:00 is stupid. Either let them have it the whole game or not at all. Oh well, they write the rules.

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