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No Backcourt Violation Until A Touch ...

Originally Posted by bbcowboy View Post
1--Player dribbles parallel to the division line and adjacent to the division line in his frontcourt. While dribbling, he has both feet in the front court, but the ball touches the floor on the dribble in the backcourt. Is this a backcourt violation?
Originally Posted by ODog View Post
1 ... But as you describe it, he's already firmly established in frontcourt (i.e., nothing touching backcourt), and then dribbles ball so it touches backcourt … violation.
As described, no backcourt violation.

No backcourt violation unless he touches the ball as it bounces off the floor in the backcourt back to his hand.

If he never touches the ball it's just a ball that bounces into the backcourt, and thus, no backcourt violation.

The four elements for having a backcourt violation are: there must be team control (and initial player control
when coming from a throw-in); the ball must have achieved frontcourt status; the team in team control must
be the last to touch the ball before it goes into the backcourt; that same team must be the first to touch after
the ball has been in the backcourt.

Do not confuse this backcourt play with 9-3-1-Note: A player shall not cause the ball to go out of bounds. The dribbler has committed a violation if he/she steps on or outside a boundary, even though he/she is not touching the ball while he/she
is out of bounds.

9-3-1-Note refers to an out of bounds violation, not a backcourt violation.

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