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Shooter Has Foot Touching Three Point Line ...

Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
... states ... will make a change on their own ...
This is another signal that I wanted added to the IAABO Mechanics Manual Signal Chart:

Again, I was told that although some on the four person IAABO International Co-Coordinators of Interpreters liked the idea, it was ultimately not approved, mainly because it was not an approved NFHS signal, and they wanted NFHS and IAABO signals to be as similar as possible.

We've been using this "Connecticut Only" (Connecticut is 100% IAABO) signal for almost thirty years, pointing to the floor for two point field goal attempt when shooter has a foot touching three point line. Sure we could just not give the three point attempt signal (as we do for attempts that aren't close to the three point line), but this extra signal seems helpful to scorekeepers, coaches, and fans.
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