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Are You Totally Underwhelmed ???

Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
... could you please describe ... how the accepted proposed changes look like? Any signal changes for the better, I'd like to read about.
Sorry to disappoint you, but as I stated, the changes are just to the labels on the signal chart and are very insignificant (they're both academic, with no world real value) editorial-type changes.

Again, these are IAABO changes, not NFHS changes.

1) Changed “Delayed Lane Violation” to “Delayed/Withheld Whistle” label to allow for delayed free throw violations that do not involve a lane violation, i.e. distraction, or three point arc violation. Rationale: Previously, IAABO didn't have a signal labeled on the chart for delayed violations such as distraction, or a three point arc violation. They only had a signal labeled on the chart for a delayed violation on a lane violation.

2) Changed “Five Second Closely Guarded” to “Five Second Closely Guarded And Five Second Throwin Violation” label. Rationale: Previously, IAABO didn't have a signal labeled on the chart for a five second throwin violation. It’s the same signal for a five second closely guarded violation, but it wasn't specifically labeled for five second throwin violations on the signal chart.

Again, sorry to disappoint, just something odd that I noticed and seemed to be easy to fix.

Are you totally underwhelmed? If not, you should be.
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