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Originally Posted by referee930 View Post
Does anyone know the name of the official that went down 5 minutes into the UConn/Notre Dame game? Knee injury didn't look to good.
*I was watching that game; I saw it in real-time when she took an awkward step while moving forward at an angle and next she crumpled over. I knew immediately that it was a serious knee injury--the buckling leg.

One of my partners this past season tore his achilles tendon---we were admining a FT, he was in the T spot, a long rebound occurred on second FT and he had to sprint back to cover the action. He took one step then crumpled to the floor. This kind of injury is common when you're forced to be completely still for a few minutes , then have to suddenly accelerate and cover that play. There was no replacement and I had to officiate alone the last quarter.
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