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Obviously the manner in which the womenís game is officiated is different, but the championship game had me shaking my head at several of the whistles. I just donít see this level of contact as defensive fouls. I cannot grasp what the defender is doing wrong.
I actually felt that both semifinals were much better officiated than the Final. I donít like the massive repeating of the same officials on the last game, but I will give Dee props for an excellent help call in the fourth quarter. I believe that there was 3:38 left. She was C opposite table and called a clear whack on the forearm of a driving shooter on the other side of the lane in front of the Lead who had nothing.

Another help call which was good was earlier in the fourth on an end line out of bounds on the Notre Dame end. The ND player saved the ball and bounced it off the opponent, but it then came back and hit her. The Lead must not have seen the final contact and had ND ball, but the T came and fixed it.
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