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Originally Posted by bucky View Post
With much praise to him, this appeared to be the JA show from the get go. He seemed quite hyped on his movements and calls. I can refer to a few plays but in particular one stands out. I think it was in the second half and there was a double whistle with JA as C. L calls the foul and signal a block and it was quite clear that indeed it was a block. JA, with other whistle, posts, holds, and then well after the L makes his blocking signal, JA then makes his adamant blocking signal. I do not recall ever seeing that type of situation. It was almost as if JA was confirming the L's call by performing, again adamantly, the same signal.

There might be a Teddy clone in the making.
Too funny as I had a similar thought on that play. I believe that we know who is replacing TV Teddy!
I can only hope that he believes that he was supporting his partner by showing everyone that he had the same call. My opinion is that the C shouldn’t even have a whistle on a secondary defender in the middle of the lane. He has no angle to see left/right movement by the defender.
Oh, and I’m not a fan of theatrical and showy mechanics.
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