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Originally Posted by Tru_in_Blu View Post
Only in the top of the first inning can someone listed as either F1 or F2 be granted a CR if they reach base. Or, if F1 or F2 is scheduled to be the runner to be placed on second base in a tie breaker situation.
I agree with your first comment. I'm not so sure about the second one. The pitcher or catcher must "earn" their way on base. Is being the runner on second for the tiebreaker considered "earning" the base? I've never seen a case play that verifies that. The NFHS rule book doesn't cover it since the tiebreaker system is a state option that really doesn't get explained in the book.

Is there a clarification or case play in USA Softball that says a CR may be used at second base under the tiebreaker system?
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