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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Why would I pose such a question? I have never heard and assignor pass over someone because of the way they run. Maybe because they can't run very well or they look like they are constantly laboring, but not because of the actual style of running.

Not arguing with you Rut but the point was more about appearance, as a general criticism. I have seen at least one official at a camp be heavily criticized for their gate. Kinda cracked me up at the time. I figured that such thing would have no bearing on their skill/knowledge/play calling/etc. But then I have seen several officials be criticized for their weight. I have seen some officials, not being criticized necessarily, but being judged because they were bald/balding. I even recall one official being chastised by many for being so short. No assignor would ever provide such a reason for not using someone but I can almost guarantee you that the assignor was indeed using that reason. It is simply distracting as it is so different. Nothing wrong with it, just distracting. Imagine an official who "ran" on his hands. Could be greatest official of all time but it would be pretty distracting wouldn't it? Extreme/stupid example but you get my point. Jeff is a great official but when I look at the screen, the first thing I notice is something abnormal, and in his games, it is him running.

As far as the foul with 1.7 on the clock, I do not understand why everyone continues to talk about the shooter sticking out his leg when the effective contact was on the upper thigh or lower hip. Clear foul IMO. People also do not consider the bio-mechanics of the shooter. This is a right-handed player going to his right with a slight torso rotation. This was not a player sticking anything out to draw a foul. This was a player getting a shot off in a hurried fashion.
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