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Originally Posted by mattmets View Post
Looks like Lewis Garrison, Owen Shortt, and Chance Moore are the new guys who worked in Dayton. Also it seems like the new alternate procedure for the first round would be a way to get some newer guys the experience of being in the tournament environment.
*Chance was a clinician at an officiating camp I had attended. Good guy, very helpful in sharing with us some methods to deal with overly verbal/borderline coaches comments when we happen to be positioned near the sideline area. Also Chance gave us some very helpful pointers on how be in good position and mindset/attention to recognize LGP on drives into the congested lane when working as the L--in terms of being able to separate and properly adjudicate between: 'blocks', 'charges', and the 'pass-then-crash'' type of situations; his advice has certainly helped me a lot.

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