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Originally Posted by griblets View Post
What hasn't been addressed is the basket interference by W44? You can argue that he was grabbing the ring to protect himself, but the ball still had not cleared the net when the ring was grabbed. I'd have a hard time calling basket interference due to the foul. But, what rule defends not calling basket interference?
The ball is actually pretty much through the rim. I doubt anyone is going to put their career on the line or their advancement to call a BI for a player that was getting knocked down and the ball shot is practically over if not over. We make judgments all the time and if I have to look so hard that I can tell if the ball is in the net off a player being fouled in that situation, I am probably not going to fall on the sword for that one. That to me is a "gotcha" call not a very good "common sense" one.

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