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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
I do not think you can call a dead ball contact technical here. I think the ball is in the net and the contact occurred as the ball was entering the basket. It is closer than I first thought, but not quite. I think FF1 was an appropriate call.

I completely agree. What I see is the ball still in the net when the contact occurs which is still a live ball situation. I also completely agree with the officials that this is a Flagrant 1. After having seen the video I think an argument could be made for a flagrant 2 to be called on this. The contact was definitely excessive and was not made in an attempt to make a basketball play. Where I would go FF2 on this is the fact he to throw his hip into the MSU player while he is running through him undercutting him.

As a Michigan fan who does have respect for the MSU program, I am really glad he wasn't hurt considering MSU did lose one of their key reserves to an ankle injury in the BT Title Game Sunday.
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