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Originally Posted by Manny A View Post
Well, considering that a legal tag of a runner can only take place with the ball in the fielder's glove or hand, then jumping on top of a runner with the ball under her jersey would not constitute a tag.

The real interesting question is, Would the catcher be guilty of obstruction? Is the ball inside of fielder's equipment or uniform considered "possession"? Remember that in NFHS, a pitcher has possession of the ball in the circle even if the ball is not in her hand or glove. For example, there's a case play where the pitcher tucks the ball under her chin while fixing her hair, and the ruling is that she still has the ball in her possession. So would the same be true here? Hmmm...
The pitcher in the circle with the ball between her knees or under her chin is considered "possession" for NFHS but not USA.

We know the definition of a catch, say by F3 on a play at first base on the BR. If the ball is held between body parts, that is not sufficient for an out call. Ball must be in the hand or glove. I'd say the same would be true for a defensive player making a tag play. If a ball was caught between F2's chest protector and jersey, I'd not consider that possession and if F2 was blocking the path of a runner prior to getting the ball in her hand/glove, I think it would/should be OBS.
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